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CD SU - Gemstone EditionSunglasses by Dior

Shape: Square

Material: Acetate

Frame With A Malachite Stone Insert

Color: Black

Size: 55-15-140

Dior eyewear designs aren’t a luxury or a trend; they represent a moment in fashion history. The construction of the Dior frames is about refinement and longevity. It is a very complex procedure, with the process from design to finished product taking up several months to complete. The result is nothing less than an incredible pair of glasses with a unique and outstanding design. Each filigree is produced one at a time, frame by frame, each detail carefully considered. The jewelry-like accents are those attributes that telegraph to customers they’re holding frames from the legendary Dior brand.

Dior “Gemstone Edition” Sunglasses

$1,414.00 Regular Price
$499.00Sale Price
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